Sofi Bonde -

Singer, Songwriter, Mom and fighter of virgin plastic.


After maternity leave and facing the biggest, most loving - and also most life changing experience ever - being a mother, Sofi just placed 8 songs on the Netflix series “The Greenhouse Academy” and is getting back into the challenge of staying alive in the slightly dreadful, but also irresistible world of music again. This time together with the Swedish Manager Hansi Friberg, her own Swedish based label Bonde Records in collaboration with Awal/Kobalt - at home in Stockholm.

Previously Sofi debuted with the album “One” under Bonnier Records year 2001. The first single stayed number 1 on radio P4 for a whole summer and Sofi went off to London to try her luck with former collaborator Steve Mac and his team.

This led to New York where she fell in love with a singer in a band and married him with a guitar string on her finger. They started a record label together called Subatomic Records and released the album “Fighting Gravity” which Peter Swartling (a swede who was living in New York at the time) helped them A&R. Sofi and husband Eric J moved to LA and stayed married for 5 years. Not bad for being in Hollywood.

After TV placements on The City, The Hills, Newport Harbor etc Sofi finally landed a deal on Atlantic Records 2008. This led to new pretty grand opportunities and new collaborations with the so ever loved Max Martin, Toby Gadd, Evan “Kidd” Bogart and many more very talented musicians, songwriters and producers along the way. Among them the LA based songwriter and producer Tobias Karlsson who co-wrote most of the songs with Sofi.

With Kevin Weaver from Atlantic Records behind her, she had placements on all major TV shows (such as Entourage, Melrose Place, Vampire Diaries etc) and the end title song on the Hollywood Blockbuster Movie “When In Rome”.

Everything has its price though. Hollywood can be a surprisingly cold place to live in under the shining sun - and Sofi missed home. She went back to Stockholm after 12 year as an immigrant in America, and meant to start all over again. But as John Lennon wisely says, “life is what happens when you’re making plans”. Sofi got pregnant with her daughter Ellie and got married (again) and left it all for a higher purpose for a few years.  

Maternity leave is over since a year and Sofi has since then opened her own label Bonde Records and is collaborating with a new team of Swedish producers, songwriters and artists. First out was Alex Shield’s “New York City Ways” co written with Alex and Per Gessle in 2017. Second out was “Stars and Stripes” that she also co-wrote with, and for “The Soul Company”. Next up is Sofi her self, singing about her days in LA. “(We were the kids of) Hollywood Hills”. Out all over this lovely planet February 9th 2018. May the force be with us.